Does it have to be for sale? :(

I have to make money back somehow. If anything I’ll put it up for sale for a month and a half and leave it up, then post low rez versions on my blog. That or I’ll offer patrons access to an archive of all of my pay content, I haven’t decided yet. 

But yes. I can’t just produce content and give it all away, it’s how I make a living after all. I have to see some sort of profit even if it’s temporary.

Figured it out, Katelyn said I can sell anything I want on her site so I don’t need to deal with any other sites. It’ll be all credit/debit card stuff though so I hope people don’t mind that. I’ll be willing to take alternative methods privately but it’ll be a hassle. 

You could just announce it on tumblr and try working out something with PayPal? Like a commission? Iunno

That would take aaaages and a lot of work for me to keep up on manual orders. 

Been doing some look comicy drawstuff with Mimi and it made me want to make it into a sort of minicomic project, maybe 5 to 10 pages, but I don’t have the faintest idea where I would sell something like that. It’s size difference and not micro/macro so is out, and I can’t warrant a bigger project like that without the potential of selling it. Maybe if I get to a certain amount on Patreon I’ll be able to set aside time for little mini comic projects. Though I don’t mind the idea of selling them for a while and then giving away reduced resolutions for free after a month or so has passed by. 

But I don’t know where to sell stuff like that to begin withhhh. :c

Any suggestions?

It's October, shouldn't this be Mimi's month? Don't let the whole month go by with just one or two posts!

I post in big chunks. You know this. Patreon gets the active updates. ;v

How do you feel about some people finding certain stuff of yours attractive enough to yank-the-proverbial-chain to? And don't be modest, you!


I draw porn, it’s not really a shocker.

Ghooooosts? Ehhhh? Eh? Eheheheh I WONDER WHYYYYYYYYY

I’ve actually designed a few of Mimi’s friends in the last few days! They’re on Patreon, but they’ll be here soon. So ghosts and mummies and all manners of spooky scaries! 

What's your favorite species to draw?

I don’t have one. o-o That’d be too difficult to narrow down.

Right now I like humanoids a lot but even that has tons of range. Goblins, gnomes, elves, ghosts, monster girls of all sorts.

I’d never be able to narrow something like that down.

Hi, Sheela. Kriredor123 again. I left you a note on FA regarding my commission idea. It basically asks if you're okay with drawing Digimon (Clean and/or Adult). I figure this would be good for other people to know, as well. Thanks for answering!

I need to know more than just digimon, I need character specifics, they kind of vary ;v

Hello, this is Kriredor123 from Fur Affinity/Weasyl. Do you happen to be open for commissions at this time? If so, can you point me to the most recent request journal so I can post some ideas? Thanks!

I haven’t been doing request journals lately, just toss me the idea here or in a note and I can speak to you about it. 

I know I did ask in your stream but it lagged on me so I didn't know if you answered, the question was "did you ever use open canvas and with another person?" , just wondered cuz doodling with other is fun and such ~v~

I answered this on voice but you may not have heard it, I used to draw in OC but that was years and years ago, I tend to stick to just streaming these days. I dont have OC anymore :x

Do you have a Skype? I love your work.

I do have skype but I don’t share it with just anyone, I tend to reserve that to people I’ve talked to a lot in streams/on SL/in notes/on tumblr and repeat customers.

Hiya, so out of the fetish art which is your actual favourite to draw? (You've probably had that question lobbed before somewhere so I apologise.)

Uh. Hm. I don’t really think I have a particular favorite, I just like drawing curves and butts and mouths and faces and things.