Clearly, something needs to be said.

For those that were in my stream yesterday, you might have noticed a certain level of trolling from one of the viewers involving whether or not I was a furry. I personally have no interest in talking about the subject itself but the situation it caused afterward is worth mention.

The person in question happened to be a cameo slot patron. 

I thought it was worth mentioning that I don’t tolerate such things from anyone that’s trying to do business with me in /any/ fashion. So I paid back his patronage. Though he tried to claim that he had no access to his paypal account and I was committing theft by not drawing him a picture even if I did pay him back. I’ve contacted patreon with it, I have the logs from last night and the transaction logs for his paypal account so hopefully no issues are caused by it even though he tried to come up with every reason in existence that what he did was completely and utterly okay, using how I talk to my close friends on voice as a reference point for how it’s okay to treat me as a stranger. 

So I’d like to be clear.

Yes, on voice I tease my close friends and long time customers, all in good fun mind you. When I say long time I mean people I’ve talked to for ages or people that I clicked with/became fast friends with.

If I’ve never spoken to you, you do not get to make fun of me. You don’t get to talk about how dumb I sound or how terrible I am and then say it’s all a joke. And you most definitely do not get to label me as anything, since you don’t know me. This has happened twice in a very short amount of time now.

But more pointedly, if you /do/ do any of these things, I’m a little lax when it comes to who I allow to speak in my streams. I’ll give you multiple chances before resorting to just outright banning you. However I will NOT tolerate that in ANY way in relation to business transaction. You do this ONCE and you’re out, don’t expect me to draw for you at all, and I have no interest in taking your money in exchange for my goods. 


stop what

birding all over the place


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I have a strong feeling you will loosen up on your stance on MLP art and you WILL do it again.... not like, as much as you once did, of course, but you will take it on commissions. It will just take time.... "Just in time." -Nozdormu

Don’t get your hopes up. I never intend to. I don’t enjoy it at all anymore, and if I do do it, it’ll only be for one of my commissioners that’s a regular and it won’t be posted.

I’m pretty darn firm on this.

It won’t be happening.

What kind of sad, sad, sad, world would it be if butts didn't exist?

Don’t even joke about that.

This is why my stream hasn’t started yet. :I

Yes, by all means, take forever and a half, goblin boobhat recording. Please. 

I’m thinking about writing up little overviews on each of my characters if I have the time and doing a portrait to go with it in the coming months. Could be a patreon project if people are interested in seeing my bajillion characters. I must have like 60 or so by now. :I

First of all, I love Mimi! She's such a unique character! Second of all, what other characters are apart of Mimi's universe?

There’s a mummy that I’ve been working on, a harpy, I want to make a dullahan and a spider girl, and obviously there’s Sinthya. Basically I just want all the monster girls in the world. It’s still being worked out though.

I'm not even into macro stuff, but the way you potray it is so amazing.

I’m blushing over here, I’m not used to so much praise in a short amount of time. Something must be in the air lately.

Thank you for the compliment either way. I’m glad that people seem to think I portray it well. I’ve worked hard at it over the years.

LOVE Mimi! Hope to see some examples of Mimi vore, and the effects doing so has on her!

You’ll likely see it sometime soon.

do you ever rp on kik? if so then can i rp with you?

Afraid I don’t. I don’t RP much at all anymore and if I do it’s only with close friends. 

Hmm well i suppose you are right. I may not have mentioned that i am rather fond of your art. I typically dont care much for exaggerated proportions but i find a few artists such as yourself do it well and i enjoy your style. I am also glad you seem to be reasonably sociable.

Well I’ll take it as a compliment that you find my style appealing enough to sway your preferences. c:

Gonna say, just lovely gnome pics I swear. Wished I could make as and sexy as you do. They're just a small part of the whole package that is your art, good show all around~

I do love all things shortstacky, gnomes are very high up there. So it makes me happy to see other people enjoy them as much as I do. c:

I. Fucking. Love. Your. Work. Everything you do wins, I can't even! I love facesitting, I love giant stuff. I love everything here. If it was illegal to like something too much I'd be on death row. I just. I really. Like. I wish I was in your head, it's probably a paradise! Also, I love ghosts so much. Fantastic. Great. Rapture me plz!

Oh my, that’s quite the compliment. I’m severely flattered, really, I don’t know what to say! I’ll just keep doing what I like to do and hope you continue to enjoy it as much as you seem to! Thank you for the exceedingly kind words.